Paerticles – The New Revolutionary Tool – Trailer

Hey people!

Tonight I’m very excited to share the trailer for my upcoming product Paerticles!


Paerticles (Cinematic 4K Stock Footage) – Trailer from David Lindberg on Vimeo.

As many of you know I’m in love with having particles in some form in almost all of my projects. Many of my jobs are in fact people who ask me to only add particles in any of their scenes, and now it’s going to be easier than ever. You will now be able to do what I do without sitting with particle generators in 3d softwares or after effects and tweaking all the different settings, but best of all you’ll probably get paid by clients for doing it for them as well!

I won’t go in too much in detail right now but to make it short, it’s going to be some really high quality 4K stock footage that you can easily apply on any of your scenes. No matter if you want particles like snowflakes falling in different paces and/or amounts, or if you just want some nice detailed particles floating around in the air it will all be possible when using the pack.


Many people only set the particle type to a sphere or cloudlet, but I want the particles to have a really high detailed form where you can see both big and small patterns and forms in the texture. That’s what I think high quality and professionalism is about when it comes to particles.

I will let the trailer speak for itself but I tell you, if you’re having this package you will probably use it in every of your project. As the title says, it’s going to be revolutionary.

/ Lindberg