Paerticles 4K 2.0


Paerticles is a package of 4K stock footage of high quality particles in different types, forms, amounts and winds which will dramatically increase the production value of your project in just a few clicks.

Product Description


This product is designed to dramatically increase the cinematic/film look of your scene in a very quick way, but also with possibilities to use it in a more advanced way.


Paerticles – Why is it and What is it?
Adding particles to your shot can dramatically increase the production value of your footage. Whether it’s snow falling from the sky, pollen looking particles flying with the wind, rain, clouds, or just some tiny particles of dust floating around in the air, it really makes the shot look more expensive and can sometimes be the secret step to make the scene look truly cinematic.

By using Paerticles you can get this look in just two steps; add it on top of your layer and set the blend mode to “screen”, and just like that you changed the look of your film from low-budget to high-budget.

Why 4K?

Having the particles in 4k makes it possible even for feature films or commercials ending up on big cinema screens to use this without having to scale it up and lose quality.

  • But my footage is in 1080p and is not going to be shown on cinema screens?

Then the flexibility of using this product is even better and the benefits are even more. Because this is 4k, in other words 4 times bigger than your 1080p project you can scale, rotate och move around the particles a lot without losing any quality or data at all.

Paerticles contains 10 different kinds of carefully designed particles which gives the snow/dust/pollen a very unique look.


Introduction to Paerticles and how to use it: